Wilton Softball

2021 Spring Little League Softball


Welcome to Wilton Softball!

Register is now open for Wilton Softball for girls ages 6-14.


This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa or MasterCard information available.  For the few families that have a credit with Wilton Softball from last year, please reach out to our treasurer, Amanda vanHeyst, and we will arrange to apply that to your registration.  If you need to pay offline, please contact Amanda vanHeyst  -  amanda.vanheyst@gmail.com


Our Town approved Return to Play guidelines addressing our best safety practices for COVID can be found at the top of our website home page 



Should our program have to shut down due to concerns over COVID, a refund will be offered for unplayed time. 


A $75.00 late fee will be applied to each registration after 2/28/21

See you on the fields!


Wilton Little League will take into consideration practice day requests and any ONE friend request when forming teams. However, we cannot guarantee we can accommodate all requests as we need to divide the teams such that we have the best possible experience for all players. Depending on enrollment, we may need to combine/alter the make-up of each division.


Most age groups will have one weeknight practice, day determined by coach, and one Saturday game. The majority of games will be in Wilton, a few may be in a nearby town.  Season runs approximately ten weeks, starting when fields open in April and ending before the end of school. Due to weather, on occasion, a team may have a week-night make-up game or Saturday double-header.  


Please note:  Aging out/aging up a division in Little League generally occurs in the Fall, not the Spring season. 



Please read our division descriptions below. We have slightly modified our divisions to split teams by skill set and to align with our peer towns. We are also very excited to have added a kickball division as an introduction to diamond field sports. 


The program costs increase as the player move to higher levels. The costs to you increase as it costs Wilton Softball more to put on the program. Some of the factors which contribute to cost increases include the introduction of umpires, the move from teen to adult umpires and a larger number of games played.


Kickball    $50

T-Ball       $100

A             $100

AA           $200

AAA        $275

Majors    $275

Juniors    $275


If after you read the descriptions, you are still uncertain what league to place your daughter, please reach out to Matt McMahon, VP Wilton Little League Softball, who will assist.    mcmahonmp@gmail.com

Kickball (Pre-T)

  • Ages 4 and 5 (2015-2016 birthdays)
  • Introduction to Wilton Little League and Softball
  • Focus on Fun and learning the basic rules of softball. Includes your player’s first Wilton Softball jersey.
  • Uses a kickball
  • One-hour games each Saturday morning



  • Ages 5 and 6 (2014-2015 birthdays)
  • Introduction to Softball
  • Focus on Fun…and begin softball fundamentals
  • Hitting, Throwing and Catching
  • After one season in T-ball, players move to A-Ball
  • Uses 10-inch soft ball
  • One Saturday scrimmage and one practice (either during week or before the game)


A (7U)

  • Ages 6 and 7 (2013-2014 birthdays). Players who have completed one year of tee-ball should play A ball.
  • Coach pitched league
  • Uses 11-inch ball (RIF1 or RIF 10)
  • Focus on core skill development
  • Hitting, Throwing, Base Running and Catching
  • Introduction of inter-town play
  • One Saturday game and one practice during the week


AA (9U)

  • Ages 8 and 9 (2011-2012 birthdays). 2011-born players who are new to the game should play AA.
  • Introduction of player pitch with boundaries (ie coach relief after 1 walk)
  • Intermediate base-running
  • Uses 11-inch ball
  • Pitching from 35 feet
  • Increased percentage of play is inter-town during season
  • Can be eligible for AAA district team
  • One Saturday game and one practice during the week. Occasional weekday games

AAA (10U)

  • Ages 9 – 10 (2010-2011 birthdays).  This includes all 2010’s and the more-advanced 2011’s. 2011-born players who understand the game and are comfortable with throwing, catching and hitting should play AAA.
  • Player pitch with coach relief after two walks
  • More advanced base-running
  • Uses 11-inch ball
  • Pitching from 35 feet
  • This year, most of the play will be v. neighboring towns
  • One Saturday game and one practice during the week. Occasional weekday games and Saturday double-headers with a minimum 12-game schedule. Goal is 13 games.
  • *Submits an AAA (10U) District All Star Team


Majors (12U)

  • Ages 11 and 12 (2008-2009 birthdays)- more advanced and older players
  • Play full Little League “book” rules
  • Play is both in-town and inter-town
  • Pitching from 40 feet
  • Uses 12-inch ball
  • One Saturday game and one practice during the week. Occasional weekday games and Saturday double-headers with a minimum 12-game schedule. Goal is 13 games.
  • *Submits a 12U district team. May also submit a separate 11U district team.


Juniors (14U)

  • Ages 13 and 14 (2006-2007 birthdays)- most advanced and oldest players
  • Play full Little League “book” rules
  • Freshman that play high school team are eligible once school season ends
  • Pitching from 43 feet
  • Uses 12-inch ball
  • Most play is inter-town
  • 1-2 games per week plus one practice.
  • *May submit a 14U District All Star Team.


  • Practice Nights for each team will be determined by each team’s manager. When dividing teams, the League Director will pay attention to availability information which you enter during registration.  S/he will do their best to assign players to a team whose practice night will align with their availability. In the event that a team assignment with a workable practice night cannot be found, a full refund can be issued.


  • Equipment – Players need cleats/sneakers, water bottle and a mitt. Due to COVID and our Return to play guidelines, bats, helmets and face masks may not be shared. Wilton Little League has a limited quantity of these items that we can loan out for the season - your coach will try to assist you with equipment needs.


  • District All Star Team – Starting at 10U, towards the end of the spring season, players and managers will vote on players to invite to an All-Star team which will compete in the District Tournament in early July.  Teams which win their district advance to a Sectional Tournament. Sectional winners advance to States.  State Champions advance to Regionals and Regional Champions advance to the Little League World Series.  There is an additional nominal fee for players who participate on the team. Note, the cadence for these games may be modified due to COVID.  Wilton Little League will share information on Districts as it becomes available. 



If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $25 discount on the 2nd (3rd + all additional children) registration fee. In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, please register all of your players at this time. On the Review Page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player" - please click on this link to ensure that all of your players are registered within the same order.

***Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of your Family's Discount rates.***